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Asortie Privileges
Top Trend Models
We carry our designs to the next step with the most prestigious and comfortable collections with our models renewed every year according to the conditions of the day.
Traditional Experience
We are engaged in product development and production processes in the furniture sector since 1950s with a competent team.
Architectural Support
You can get support from our architects in all furniture selection and ordering process and you can design your furniture in 3D before ordering.
Support after sale
We work with the same dedication and service policy not only during the sales process but also after the sale, we are always with you in case of a problem you may encounter.
Handwork and Natural Wood
Throughout the whole furniture design and production process, we produce the antiques of the future, which can always remain valuable with the of carving, painting, embroidery and upholstery art by using first class natural wood and intensive handwork.
Worldwide Delivery
We can send our furniture to many parts of the world without any problems. We are also able to provide installation services in many European, Central Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries.
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