Today we are in such excitement. The excitement of a painter in the first brush stroke, the feeling of a sculptor in the first touch of the earth, the enthusiasm of the first ink dripping from the pen of a sculptor the excitement of a child taking the first step.

What is interesting, the number of models that we have designed and produced for years has increased and this excitement increased. Asortie is the result of this excitement that was never exhausted 54 years ago.

Asortie, in the name of furniture and decorations, you will feel happy with the signature of extraordinary designs. Asortie has been providing services to his customers with the product of a vast experience that has been developing since 1965.

Mr. Gafur Yilmaz, one of our founders said: "Excellent furniture is the furniture that's make you feel happy to be with in the same space." That's why the most important principle of Asortie is to design and produce the space which is hidden in the user's imagination. The main purpose is to give life to the designs that bring happiness to the user.

Characteristics of our designs,

Our experience extends to 54 years and from this experience we got out of everything that is familiar in the design of furniture from old molds, decorations, fabrics and colors are now a repetition of each design. So the designers embody the furniture as you imagine.

We are all with you…

The furniture that we designed for you, we make it with the inspirations that we receive from you. We take your opinions at every stage of the production to get solid and durable furniture, because we believe you will use it for many years. We will furnish you with the perfect products that will give you pleasure and happiness in every use.

Distinctive designs for those who feel privileged…

Every product we made is like a newborn to us. Hand-made and long-lasting designs are a unique piece of art for you. We don't wanted to be a brand of different products from the short-lived furniture produced in factories and millions of pieces distributed to a large part of the society. For this reason, we give life to our designs that will fit your living spaces, We do not use fabricated motifs such as polyester or polyurethane in any of our products. All of our motifs and patterns are shaped by long-lasting work and forehead of our engraving craftsmen. Sculptors make paints on wood works like a lace. All these efforts are done to make worthy space for you.

Projects More Different With Us…

Not only our lifestyle and work areas, but also our meticulous work on projects such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, villas, pavilions, etc.. With the hundreds of projects we made in the elite residences built in the big cities, we have won satisfaction for an elite that we made for him a palace. In our projects we do both at home and abroad, our biggest gain is the satisfaction and smile on the faces of our customers.

Not Just Furniture!

Although our main activity is furniture production, we provide services to all our customers in the name of decoration. You deliver your home to us, you don't need to deal with the complexity and fatigue of the decoration and construction companies. From kitchen to bathroom, from wallpaper to curtains, from carpet to home textile products, everything will be entered into a perfect living space by just opening the door.

Customer Satisfaction Policy…

Every project that carries our signature and every product you enter into your homes is our showcase. Until now, we have spent the budget and energy that should be allocated to the classic advertising and promotion activities for the satisfaction of our customers. Because we know that the best advertisement is the reference of the customer who is satisfied with the product and service it buys. We have been like this for years. We did not see any material value above our customer's satisfaction. Our biggest capital and our greatest energy is the satisfaction of our customers and the utmost trust in us.

Our mission is not to design, produce and deliver on time the products of our customers' dreams in the best way possible. Our main mission starts after the sale of products. Over the years, we provide unlimited and unconditional support after the sale.

Our showroom takes 1350 square meters and we are located in 4-B Block, Masko Mobily Kenti which is open 365 days of the year.

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