Thousands of customers who bough products or services from our stores in Istanbul, Dubai, Ukraine or Serbia have said something nice to us : 'Asortie is so far'. We're working hard to hear these sentences.

We are aware that our customers' preference for us or recommending them to Asortie Mobilya in our other business has contributed to our growth. For him, We spend our money and labor on big advertising, to give our customers a friendly and high quality service and thus gain their satisfaction.

Asortie Furniture 'A+ includes many important people in its customer portfolio for providing products and services. Among these, important statesmen, bureaucrats, businessmen, big company executives, well-known artists, famous brands, big hotels, hospitals giving VIP sermons, big store chains and valuable customers from one country to another.

We offre our designs  and decorations includes state palaces, hotels, manor houses, restaurants, luxury offices, airport lodges, ultra luxury apartments and hundreds of different venues. Since we care about the confidentiality of our customers' information, we have not seen the names of those who prefer Asortie Furniture for now. But soon we will share with you our customers who have experienced the quality of Asortie Mobilya, who have no objections to declaring their names here.