In design, planning, production, delivery and after-sales service phases; ASORTİE has created his unique philosophy. As you continue to look into the future, the basic principles that you will read soon lead to our actions. We return to the list from time to time and see if the work we do is correct. We hope that our products and services overlap with our philosophy and you will always make us feel it.

Our philosophy in 9 important points, what we believe in:

1. Focus on perfection, the rest comes by itself.

It has always been a success for us to imagine perfection in the design and production stage and to force the impossible. Therefore, we think only 'perfection' and only produce 'perfection'.

2. The best thing is to do the job in the best way.

We are masters of furniture and decoration. Apart from that, we cannot make anything as perfect as producing furniture, because our perfection is furniture designs and productions. We know very well what we do.

3. Distinguishes the Difference

We are very unique with our designs, productions and marketing approaches, after-sales customer relations approach, even with sweet approach to our customers who visit our store, to be happy and comfortable while they are visiting us. Our customers are also friends of whom we have unlimited links. We see each and every one of our customers as solid friends who are challenging for years and never get old .We are different from all others. We measure our customer's faces with happiness and smiles on their faces. It is this difference that makes Asortie Furniture the A + brand of classic furniture and luxury decoration. We never forget a very important trick; when we lose our difference we become non-different.

4. Fast is always good.

Time passes fast. To offer the best furniture to the customer in a short time in a matter that is as important as designing and producing.. We finish our works of art quickly, each one of them hand-crafted, without giving the quality ahead. We know that your time is valuable and we never postpone the deadline we gave you.

5. To build empathy with the costumer it is necessary to partner with him.

We made the furniture with the inspiration that we receive from the user. It is one of our indispensables that they have a say in every stage of the production of solid and durable furniture that they will live with it for many years. We take every customer details to the workshop where their products are made and get their opinions, because we produce the perfect products for you.

6. Not Standard production, Personalized production.

Not everyone has to eat in the same equal meter table, not everyone has the same measure and model to sleep in. To hang clothes in the coat rack in, to use the same kitchen cabinet, to walk on the same carpet, Use the same type of parquets, interlocking doors, and bathroom cabinets with the same features to make them cheaper for mass construction projects ... Each of these reduces your awareness. Because people are not the same, the furniture is the same! We make personalized furniture with great features. On the same time, we don't have a huge factory that produces hundreds of different furniture. We only produce special products for our customers. That makes us very happy. Just like the happiness of our customers.

7. Sales is not the last thing, it is the beginning.

Our main business is not to sell the products we made… Our real business starts after the sale of the products. Over the years, we provide unlimited after sales support for the products, because we are producing the antiques of the future. The furniture you receive from us is a piece of art that you can leave as a gift to your future generations.

8. Just wonderful it is not enough.

We see that being very good in furniture and decoration as a starting point, not as the last point to be reached. We set goals that we know are not yet reachable because we know that we can go further than we expected when we work to achieve these goals. Through innovation and experimentation, we aim to create well-functioning furniture and habitable spaces and to develop them in unexpected ways.

9. Our priority is not earning, but customer satisfaction.

We keep no lucrative value on customer satisfaction. What is important for us is to be a furniture and decoration brand that is mentioned with love and respect. We know that if we capture this vision by gaining the trust of our customers, we will not have any need for money.


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