We Produce Antiques of the Future, the Luxury of Today


We Produce Antiques of the Future, the Luxury of Today

We send furniture from our own stores in Istanbul, Dubai, Serbia, and Ukraine to 54 different countries around the world, adding value to many places such as homes, offices, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, hotels, and showrooms. While decorating many different spaces, we draw inspiration from the luxury and elegant details of classic furniture. Even during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we increased our export figures by around 25% with our stunning designs created by our design team. With the new year, we believe this increase will be even higher.

Classical Furniture is Having its Peak

People pay attention to different variables when decorating their living spaces. However, the most dominant ones are luxury, elegance, and comfort. There is an incorrect perception in society that classic furniture, which people prefer when creating luxurious spaces, is only suitable for a certain age, which is not true. Previously, classic furniture was seen as a style preferred by people over the age of 50. However, in recent years, it has become a very popular furniture style, especially among young people. Especially the desire to live in more luxurious and comfortable spaces has led them to classic furniture stores. It is possible to see the effect of classic and luxury decoration not only in home decor but also in hotels, restaurants, and even hospitals. The fact that a large majority of customers shopping at Asortie stores are people under the age of 40 confirms this reality.


Classical Salons and Modern Living Areas at Homes

In recent years, details that highlight luxury and elegance in home decor have come to the fore. People use all the details of classic arguments that highlight luxury when designing spaces where they will feel comfortable. While salons and bedrooms in homes are generally classic, modern lines are preferred in living rooms and kitchens. We can say that modern and classic designs are on an equal footing in children's and young people's rooms. Those who want to welcome their guests in a flashy space generally prefer gold-leafed classic dining room and classic sofa sets in their living rooms.

Our Designs Don't Fit into a Mold.

Actually, we don't categorize our furniture into predetermined groups such as classic, modern, art deco, or avant-garde. For us, the best furniture is the one that adds value to a space, designed for comfort, style, and brings happiness to people. It's not our style to put your imagined furniture into certain molds, decorate them with familiar motifs, and dress them up in colors that everyone is used to seeing in store windows. Our designers draw what our customers envision for their spaces, rather than working within pre-defined molds. Our 57-year history has played a big part in this, and we feel responsible because we are not just making furniture, we are producing future antiques.

Classic is a Post-Modern Concept.

Classic furniture is like a fine wine that never goes out of style and only gets better with age. You may get bored with a modern sofa that you bring into your home after a few years. This is quite normal because it has gone out of style and hundreds of others like it have been produced. However, classic furniture has a wonderful quality that increases in value as it ages. With Asortie's models, you can have today's luxury and tomorrow's antiques.

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