Target, 10 Billion Dollar Furniture Exports in the 100th Year of our Republic

According to the data of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey exported 392 million dollars of furniture in August. According to monthly data, the biggest increase in furniture exports was in Saudi Arabia with 1200% and Romania markets with 14.30%. In our country, which sends furniture to many countries of the world, total furniture exports were announced as 3 billion dollars according to the data of the last 8 months.

It is predicted that focusing on handcrafted products, which are scarce in the world, can bring Turkey to the forefront. While gold leaf, embroidered and heavy furniture, which we call avant-garde, are still preferred in Middle Eastern countries, furniture with luxurious and modern lines has started to be preferred in Europe and America.

While Iraq and Russia are among the countries to which Turkey has exported the most furniture recently, Turkish furniture is also very popular in countries such as Germany, France, Romania, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Murat Erat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the award-winning furniture brand Asortie, which exports classic and luxury furniture in Turkey '' We want to increase the furniture exports in our country to 10 Billion Dollars in the 100th year of our Republic. For this, we will continue to work hard to make Turkish Furniture a world brand together with all our sector stakeholders and our State. '' he said.


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