Asortie Mobile App is now available!

Asortie Mobile App is now available!

Asortie, a leading brand in luxury and classic furniture designs, has updated its mobile application. You can download the updated mobile app from Google Play Store and App Store. Asortie Furniture, which creates eye-catching living spaces and offers unique furniture designs to its customers by providing a perfect experience, now has a much more functional mobile app. You can access the updated mobile app links below.

All Categories One Click Away

With the new app, you can easily access our updated classic furniture models in our categories with 5 language options. Our homepage is designed with large visual areas for our categories to prevent confusion. You can easily access all our categories, including sofa sets, dining rooms, bedrooms, corner sets, TV units, office furniture, accessories, hotel furniture, kitchen decoration, bathroom decoration, door models, and ottoman models from a single screen.

After entering the categories, we present the product details to your exploration with the same simplified interface. Moreover, there is a contact form on the product page where you can fill in the product information form to learn more about our products. So, you can leave your information for our customer consultants to contact you about the team you like.

Communicating is Very Easy

Contacting Asortie Furniture is now very easy. You can quickly communicate with our customer representatives using both our Whatsapp communication lines and our contact forms. Thus, our expert and experienced customer consultants will be happy to answer your questions by contacting you as soon as possible.

Discover Innovations with Notifications

You will be the first to learn about the new opportunities and projects that Asortie furniture will offer to its users and the details of its projects by using the mobile notification feature. You can be the first to know about Asortie furniture's innovations with notification alerts that you can directly view within the application.

Features of Asortie Application:

Filling out the contact form to learn about the products you like and to communicate, Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, French, and Hausa language options, Fast and easy interface, 5 language support and Whatsapp communication lines for instant messaging, Contact information for our showrooms,

 Click Here to Download Asortie Furniture Android Mobile App.

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