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BONİ Classic Baby Room

Attracting attention with its pastel colors and simple design, every detail has been considered in the luxury nursery suite. It offers all the needs you need in the nursery with its classic luxury bed, a large wardrobe that will satisfy its users and a chest of drawers.

In addition, the luxury nursery set, which is made entirely from natural wood, is presented to users with its cradle, drawer and luxury wardrobe.
As for the color of the nursery set, luxury accessories, home textiles such as rugs and curtains can also be included as an option according to customer requirements.

In addition, a classic nursery set can be produced with special size and color options to suit the room to be used. So the team that can adapt to any room can be used in all areas easily.

Finally, for more information on the price and the characteristics of the classic nursery set, you can send us your requests in writing from the Whatsapp communication line. Or you can ask our experienced consultants to get back to you quickly by filling out the product information form.

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