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Ceneviz Hotel Room

Asortie Furniture designs environments where guests will feel comfortable and safe in hotel projects designed and implemented on turnkey basis. Offering the most suitable solutions for hotel investors, Asortie designs classic hotel furniture , modern hotel furniture and avant-garde hotel furniture, as well as natural wood hotel rooms, which have received increasing interest in recent years. 

In the decoration of the Caprice hotel room, a classic style in which comfort and simplicity are built together was preferred. Although the Caprice headboard is made lower than other hotel furniture designs, it can be made higher if desired. According to the overall project, the same wall-to-wall headboard can be made with the ceiling height. In this way, the headboard, which has an imposing appearance, adds a magnificent atmosphere to the hotel room. Wooden coverings were preferred instead of fabric coverings for Caprice headboards. At the same time, the bedside tables, desk, coffee table, luggage rack and wardrobe in the hotel room have both a useful and aesthetic structure.

Orthopedic designs that offer comfortable seating to the user were preferred, especially in resting chairs and work chairs. Asortie Furniture offers you a turnkey project by meeting every need in hotel projects such as curtains, wall-to-wall special hotel carpets, doors, door lock systems, hotel room accessories. You can now fill out the product information form to get more information about luxury and modern hotel projects. 

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