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The success that we have shown in classic furniture and luxury decoration projects is reinforced by our hotel and hotel furniture projects. We have been the most appreciated hotel decoration company in the world in a short time with our hotel room decorations that we have designed and applied locally and abroad, hotel lobby decoration, hotel projects restaurant decoration. We produce and manufacture hotel furniture, modern hotel furniture, natural wood hotel furniture, art-deco hotel furniture and avant-garde hotel furniture.of hotel that we produce.

The priority in hotel furniture is esthetics and quality.

When designing hotel furniture, we pay particular attention to esthetics and stability. The first thing that attracts the attention of guests who stay is undoubtedly the general decor and furniture of the hotel. The hotel lacquer furnishings and the massive hotel furnishings, which are preferred in luxury hotels, make you a class in the eyes of your guests. Especially the first glory and elegance that the guest who has entered the hotel has never forgotten. For him, we pay special attention to the decoration of the halls and the decoration of the reception as Asortie.

Classic in hotel furniture? Modern?

Although classic Ottoman style hotel furniture has recently been preferred in luxury hotel projects, some projects use modern and prestigious hotel furniture. With hotel concepts that must make a choice between classic and modern, usually avant-garde hotel furniture, art-deco hotel furniture or country-house furniture is preferred. Like Asortie, we can use classic, modern and avant-garde lines in hotel decorations in harmony.

Security in hotel decorations

While the furniture of the hotel is designed, besides the esthetics and the quality to take into account, there is also a security element. Security is an important point for hotel furniture that should never be ignored. We will avoid designs that will jeopardize the safety of guests while decorating hotels in different countries of the world, from different cultures. For example, when designing hotel furniture, we do not produce furniture that is too sharp to avoid accidents. We mount it on a wall, ceiling or floor as much as possible to avoid the overturning of moving furniture. We use premium sliding and hinging materials on cabinet doors and drawers. We use non-flammable materials in hotel rooms and hotel curtains.

Security and sound insulation in hotel doors

Another important point in the decoration of the hotel is the doors of the hotel. Asortie can design a classic hotel door, a luxury hotel door or a modern hotel room door, suitable for the general decoration of the hotel. The security at the doors of the hotel is the most important point. The latest trend is the doors of hotel rooms, which are becoming more secure with electronic door locks, while offering customers a more comfortable and secure environment in terms of sound insulation. Non-flammable materials can also be used on hotel doors.

Hotel entrance furniture

Asortie produces designs that will win the hotel's prestige in lobby furniture. The hotel's lobby is ergonomically designed in the entrance floors of hotels, located in the area where guests have little time to rest. Ergonomic hall furniture should be preferred in the lobby of the hotel for a relaxing and comfortable time for all guests. Asortie Furniture designs, manufactures and implements beautiful furniture that will give priority to the corporate structure of hotel companies. In the lobby decor, Asortie combines comfort and elegance in its products, decorating spaces where you can best accommodate your guests.

Not only furniture but also hotel decoration

We design and implement all the products that the hotel needs, such as hotel curtains, hotel carpets, bathroom furniture, hotel table sets, lighting accessories hotel, tables, etc. Because the products used in hotel decoration have to form a harmonious whole with each other. In the projects we carry out in the field of prestigious hotel furniture, we are signing eye-catching designs adapted to the space. Asortie designs models that inspire many designers in hotel projects.

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