The doors of the rooms of houses are undoubtedly the most remarkable decoration. Combined with door models of luxury and elegance, the furniture stands out as two complementary elements. Asortie's classic door designs were produced with handmade natural wood. Single door models taking into account the static door, or the double door models can be produced in the form of fine carvings in model doors of sliding doors, eye-catching for the treatment of gold leaf and silver leaf.

Special models of door
Asortie Furniture classic door models, like ready-made door models produced in standard sizes and in different sizes depending on the size of the space can be produced with different color options. While producing custom door designs, practical and elegant models that can be combined with the overall decor of the place are preferred. Functional hinges and locking systems are used on the closing doors, next to the first class wooden materials, adapted to the size of the door. Asortie Furniture first introduces customers to special dimensioned wooden door models with three-dimensional designs, and then production begins. Thus, customers have only seen the new door model excusively designed for them.

Avant-garde door models
Those who prefer the avant-garde decoration in the living rooms, because of being associated with the entire decor of the space they want to design their doors with avant-garde lines. The doors of the avant-garde room are made for those who want more treatment of wood carvings and gold leaf door pattern, it can be prepared with natural varnish colors or lacquer.

Modern door models
Asortie Furniture, door models, as well as the classic production space, according to the general decoration of the doors, door models also produce avant-garde and modern door models. In modern door models, which have more basic designs, they generally have straight lines and solid colors. Modern door designs, mostly in light color tones, can be produced in any desired color and size.

Models of wooden exterior doors
Nowadays, the exterior doors are made of steel materials with security reasons. Although steel door models have beautiful designs, since they are manufactured, they can’t offer many choices to the user since they can’t be changed in size and colors. But for those who prefer safety and comfort in exterior door models, Asortie Furniture offers solutions with models of wooden doors. Exterior steel door models with premium steel doors and hard-wearing woods provide a space that is both practical and elegant.

Glass door models
While wooden bedroom doors are preferred with luxurious and elegant designs, the modeling room doors with glass treatment, which gives the space a more spacious feel, are attracting more attention in recent years . In particular, models with embroidered glass sections can be produced as single wing or double wing models depending on the size of the space. Double sliding door models can be made with a choice of natural colors. In the case of door and door glass door models, depending on the user's request, safety glasses that can not be broken when pierced can be used for safety reasons.

Doors of hotel rooms
The success that we have shown in the projects of decoration of classic furniture and luxury decoration is reinforced by our projects of decoration of hotels and hotel furniture. We also design and produce hotel doors, which are the most important argument for hotels, when we manufacture hotel room furniture. Asortie can design the classic hotel door, the luxury hotel door or the modern hotel room door, which suits the general decoration of the hotel. Without doubt the most important detail on the doors of the hotel is the security of the door. The doors of the hotel's rooms, made technologically safer by using the latest technology locking systems, also provide a safe environment for guests staying in the room for sound insulation. Non-flammable materials suitable for technical projects can also be used on hotel doors.

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