The kitchens that are the soul of living spaces are undoubtedly the places that take the most time in homes. Because of today's changing lifestyles, kitchens are not just cooking places, they are also versatile spaces where family members can spend their time at the same time.

When decorating the kitchen, kitchen furniture is the dominant factor. There is no doubt that kitchen cabinets and kitchen worktops are the most popular and used in a kitchen. The most attention to detail when designing a kitchen is to design it as useful as it is elegant for kitchen furniture. There are many options you can choose for furniture, fixtures, lighting, carpets, walls and ceiling decorations that you can use in a kitchen. Asortie Furniture designs, manufactures and implements kitchen designs that can be thought of forever. You simply choose to choose the kitchen cabinet that reflects your style. Whether you are a classic kitchen furniture or a modern kitchen furniture, every model in your mind is designed exclusively for you, depending on the size of the space.

Classic Kitchen Furniture

Classic kitchen cabinets and classic kitchen counters designed for users who want to enjoy the splendor and elegance of their kitchens are crafted with handmade natural craftsmanship. Asortie Furniture can make many changes to the model that suits you from classic kitchen models and you can choose the color you want. Luxurious kitchen designs that add value to the space with elegant carving patterns and delicate classic furniture are painted with lacquer and natural lacquer colors. Luxurious kitchen furniture is produced to your liking and the interior of the cabinet is designed as you wish. So Asortie becomes as useful as classic kitchen models are elegant for you.

Classic kitchen worktops, such as classic kitchen cabinets, add value to the space with its catchy designs. The luxury kitchen designs, are combined with a real original marble or granite countertops . In addition to the granite patterns that are thermally insulated, durable and available in hundreds of different colors, the wooden kitchen countertops Liquid resistant or quartz kitchen countertops may be preferred for users who need it. Kitchen decorations can also be used with laminate kitchen countertops.

The choice of oval models in cabinets and counters used may not be enough to have a classic kitchen. In kitchens, there is a need for complementary materials to create a classic decorative air. The most important of them are classic cupboards. With classic handle models, you can bring the splendor and elegance of kitchen cabinets to the forefront. Another important element in kitchen design is the classic lighting products. With Asortie's classic chandelier designs, you can add brilliant value to your kitchen decor.

Avant-garde Kitchen Furniture

Designed for those who prefer not to give up classic furniture but prefer less stylish kitchen decorations, Avant-garde kitchen models can be made with ready-to-use natural furniture as well as industrial furniture ready for use. employment. Asortie avant-garde cabinets can be customized to your specifications. At the same time, the kitchen stands are combined with the same Avant-garde lines. The most important consideration when decorating an avant-garde kitchen is that you choose ergonomic and functional designs that you can use for many years in a healthy way.

Country style Kitchen Models

Also known as garden style cooking, country kitchen designs, calm, warm and become the choice for those who want to create a strong sense of space. Last year, a growing interest in the country kitchen cabinets, elegant, calm tones are designed using functional but far from excessive. Country style kitchen with handcrafted patterns are made from natural wood. The color of your choice and kitchen designs that can be produced specifically for you will make you spend more time in your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Models

In Asortie Furniture's creations for classic kitchens, avant-garde kitchens and country kitchens, the successes she has achieved have also been demonstrated with modern kitchen furniture. Modern kitchen cabinets designed for users who want to see the simple effect of modern lines in living spaces, usually have straight lines. Modern kitchens, which are usually produced from ready-to-use industrial furniture, can also be made with lacquer and natural varnish if desired. Modern kitchen models are at the forefront with trends such as the dominance of light tones, corner drawers, hidden gates, glossy kitchen lids and lighting. In modern kitchen cabinets, granite countertops with a wide range of colors and patterns may be preferred, as well as laminate countertops, composite kitchen countertops or natural wood countertops. Modern kitchen designs can be produced with your choice of measurements and hundreds of color choices.

Natural Wood Kitchen Models

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in areas where natural wood is used in the design of houses. Natural wood kitchen cabinets are preferred in kitchen decorations, as well as natural wood furniture in dining room suites, bedrooms and living rooms. The natural wood kitchen cabinets and kitchen tables give the atmosphere a warm atmosphere. Natural wood kitchen furniture can be made to fit the space you want. The interior of the kitchen cabinets and the inside of the drawer are made in the style you want, making kitchen furniture more useful.

Kitchen Table Models

The kitchen tables that holds family members together, especially at breakfast An important argument. As independent kitchen cabinets as standard tables and chairs including models, which can also be used as kitchen countertops and "central island" are called table models. Asortie Furniture designs the kitchen table model most suited to the overall structure of the space. For larger spaces, island kitchens with cabinets and drawers at the bottom can be made, while kitchen tables for four or six people can be made for smaller spaces. Folding kitchen tables can be made for smaller kitchens. In the living area of ​​the kitchen is for those who want, the model of kitchen sofa can be produced as it would be combined with kitchen furniture. Kitchen table models can be specially made for the desired color and size.

Asortie uses first class wood in his kitchen furniture. Special brakes and hinges are used against drawers and collisions on doors. At the same time, you can use the practical and durable handles that fit the general design of kitchen furniture for a long time.

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