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Fethiye Classic Door

The suspicion of stylish and elegant luxury door models designed by Asortie Furniture according to the general decor of the space are the most remarkable arguments of the houses. Fethiye door model, produced for the new season classic natural door collection with its distinctive design and extraordinary color, is the most important complementary element of natural decor. Fethiye classic door models are produced entirely from natural wood with hand workmanship. The fine carving workmanship in the door model, which can be produced as a single wing, double wing door or sliding door considering the door statics, gives the door an eye-catching elegance. The handcrafted carving motifs on the door feature the classic door design. For those who want a more magnificent appearance on their doors, carved motifs can be increased. For those who make classical decoration in their spaces, the Fethiye door model can be enriched with leaf embroideries. Fethiye classic door models, which can be made in different sizes suitable for the space, can be produced with the desired color options in accordance with the general decoration.

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