We sincerely believe that Asortie customers deserve the best of everything. In order to provide more excellent services and grow together with the community in which we live, we have run our common minds and created the Asortie Customer Satisfaction Constitution. This constitution is the essence of our service. We will never return from our essence and our promise to you.

  • Article 1: Customer is our most important asset.
  • Article 2: The customer is the person who is likely to earn or lose new customers.
  • Article 3: The customer is the person who needs to be observed by determining his needs.
  • Article 4: The customer is the person who needs to be constantly satisfied after selling the product or service.
  • Article 5: Customer satisfaction is essential to make a difference, to stand in front of competitors, to grow and profit.
  • Article 6: All customers are entitled to quality, trouble-free and friendly service.
  • Article 7: The problems that may arise in the products of the customers will be considered as a customer and a permanent solution will be found.
  • Article 8: Customers will be fully informed about the products they purchase.
  • Article 9: All the customers who want to contact us via e-mail, contact form, telephone or message will be given the most appropriate and fast feedback.
  • Article 10: Empathy with our customers is an important responsibility.
  • Article 11: All Asortie team, create customer satisfaction and the customers must feel :''Asortie thinks and makes the best for me. I feel safe in Asortie''.
  • Article 12: Informing the customer in a timely manner and directing it to the right person or the right channel, producing the fastest and the most permanent solutions to their problems is the first condition of customer satisfaction.
  • Article 13: All customers are entitled to report complaints and suggestions regarding the products and services they use.