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Classic TV Unit Models

Classic TV units stand out as an important decorative element that gives a rich and different atmosphere to the halls rather than a television stand. TV units designed to be plasma units can be designed as well as TV units used as wall units according to the size of the room. Asortie Furniture combines aesthetics and quality in classical wall units and classic TV stands. Designing products suitable for every space with Farkı model, Asortie can produce the TV stand and wall units produced with natural handmade in the color and size desired by the user. In the models of classic TV units that can be produced as panel and without panels, the design becomes unlimited with your imagination.

TV Stand Models

In the living room and sitting rooms, the TV stand models, which play a very important role, are much more stylish and magnificent with Asortie difference. Classic TV stands designed according to the general texture of the place in line with the user's desires are produced exclusively for you with their original designs. Asortie television stands, which can be produced with different size and color options according to the television model used, are produced with natural handmade handmade craftsmanship.

Wall Unit Models

The sleek wall unit models, which will change the air of your living room and create a rich decoration image, are designed to have more functional lines at the new look. The models of the luxury wall unit can be produced in different sizes depending on the size of the rooms. At the same time, the dining room suites and sofa sets in your walls can be produced in the colors you want, in combination with the models.

Classic Wall Units

The living room wall unit models, designed for those who want to experience the richness of stylish decoration in the rooms, are usually combined with two silver pieces and a wall unit. The Silver models can be used with the design of the TV unit, optionally at different corners of the halls. The models of Asortie Furniture's classic living room unit can be custom-tailored with different sizes and different color options.

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