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Panorama Classic Sofa Set

The classic sofa set, in which the art of wood carving is performed with one hundred percent craftsmanship, special woven fabrics are preferred and gold leaf is used, brings character to your halls as the embodiment of elegance.

The wooden seating group consists of two classic seats and two classic berjers. At the request of the users who aim to maintain the harmony of the classic style in their halls, classic middle coffee table, side coffee table, fiskos coffee table, zygon coffee table or classic accessory models are also offered to the users.

The salon suite, which provides a comfortable session with its orthopaedic hardness and first class quality sponges preferred in its production, will be the indispensable part of your living spaces. It is aimed to adapt the seat group to the usage areas by producing it in the specific size and color that the users want.

To get information about the prices of the classic seating group and to learn the features of the model, please fill in the product information form. Our warm-blooded and expert sales consultants will contact you as soon as possible to answer any questions and details you are interested in.

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