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Begonya Classic Living Room Set

Begonia classical sofa set, which has delicate and elegant lines, was produced by handmade natural hornbeam wood. A modular coffee table can be added to the Begonya classic seating group, which consists of two sofas and two berjers. First-class orthopedic sponges and high-quality woven fabrics, which provide a comfortable and comfortable session for the user, are preferred in the seat set with thin lines. The sedan suite, which is more ambitious than the normal sofa set designs, will create an unusual décor for you. The handwork on the model's pedestal and the marble designs give a different richness to the seat set. Asortie classic sofa set models can be tailor-made for you in any size you want. The Begonya luxury suite group is preferred in the lounges with its own design, the Begonya dining room suite.

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