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Lalezar Classic Sofa Set

The Lalezar classic sofa set, which is preferred by those who want to experience the fascinating glamor of luxury and elegance in the living room decor, has become the most popular models of the new season classic sofa set collection with its eye-catching design. The luxurious sofa set produced at the summit of the handmade master carving consists of two sofas and two berjers. The lounge suite model can be enriched with a middle table and a side table according to the users' wishes. Real gold foils were used in the sofa set made using the first-class hornbeam tree. First class orthopedic upholstery materials and top quality fabrics were preferred in the Lalezar classic sitting group, offering a comfortable session for the user with its ergonomic structure as well as its stylishness. The luxurious sofa set, which is usually combined with the Lalezar classic dining room suite, which is usually its own combination, can be produced specially for the person with different size and color options.

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