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Eftelya Classic Office Set

Eftelya classic office suite model, which combines elegance, elegance, rich atmosphere and functional comfort in the work spaces, is the most striking design of the new season classic office furniture collection. Designed for managers who want to host their guests and customers in a magnificent and elegant place, Eftelya classic office room set will give you and your place an important prestige with its wonderful appearance. Eftelya luxury office furniture consists of a table, library and coffee table. Optionally, guest seats and executive chairs can be added. The seats, which are covered with genuine leather or optionally woven fabric, have an ergonomic structure as well as showyness. Eftelya office chairs offer orthopedic comfort to the user, especially during long working periods. The most striking feature of the classic office suite model is the carved oval leg on the work table. The table leg, produced with natural wood craftsmanship, emphasizes the decor of the office room. However, for those who prefer the front sides of the work tables closed, the front of the open table can be closed in a combination with the showcase. In the prestigious office projects, Eftelya luxury office sets, which are made in the desired color and size, are produced by hand workmanship. The most advantageous aspect of the Eftelya office suite is that it can be produced specifically for you as you wish. The desk and library of the classic office room set, which is the choice of those who want to make luxury office decoration in their workplaces, have all the features of classical furniture art.

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