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Classic Office Furniture
Meeting your guests and customers in a stylish office adds value to you and your business. With this in action, Asortie Furniture designs luxury office furniture that can best represent you. Asortie keeps aesthetics, glamor and functionality in office furniture, signing unique designs that add value to the space. Asortie will add value to your business with classical office furniture, and you will increase your prestige.

Luxury Office Decoration
In office decoration, besides office furniture service, Asortie also produces first class VIP office furniture. Classic office furniture prepared with handmade wooden furniture can be produced with the desired color and size options. Asortie, which designs luxury and convenient offices with its experienced architectural staff and offers them to its customers, creates offices that respond to all the needs of the user and impress people with its magnificent appearance.

Classical Office Room
Designed for bosses who want to welcome guests to the office of the grandeur and elegance, the classic office room furnishings give you and your space an important prestige. Luxurious office rooms usually consist of a desk, a library, a coffee table and a desk. Guest seats and office seats can be added as required. In the prestigious office projects, the classical cabin cabinets specially made in the desired color and size are produced with natural wooden handmade craftsmanship. The office room seats, which are covered with authentic leather or, optionally, woven fabric, are as ergonomic as they are flashy. Especially in the long working hours, the office room seats are furnished with first class ergonomic upholstery materials, providing the user with an orthopedic comfort. Even though the office room furniture is offered as a team sale, it can usually be done in specific dimensions. Wooden wall coverings which are frequently preferred to the office rooms can also be made according to the general decor of the place.

Functional and Comfortable Office Suites
Asortie keeps the functionality and comfort of the front desk in office decor. Asortie produces designs that optimally assess every point of the space, using first-class materials that will challenge years in office furnishings. Asortie offers aesthetic and quality in the office extension, luxurious office rooms, study tables, filing cabinets, waiting seats, guest seats, office kitchens.

Luxury Office Furniture

Asortie does not keep you in standard size in office decoration. With classical office furniture produced specially, you will have used the space in the best way and you will have seen your dream design in the place. Asortie, in luxurious office decorations, offers excellent designs that reflect the inner world into the space.

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