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Prada Classic Dining Room Set

Take a closer look at the Prada classic dining room set. It offers design and comfort that will make its user feel special. The classic dining room set, consisting of a mirrored console, classic table, chairs and showcase, was designed to fit the needs of our high end clientele. Offering the pieces you will need to create your own palace in your decoration, Prada luxury dining room stands out among the new spring season classic dining room models. Gold leaf processes and bronze polish increase the elegance of the set and add a sheen of luxury.

Prada luxury dining room set is made entirely of natural wood. Moreover, it promises an orthopedic and ergonomic sitting experience with its special size forms.  The breaked hinges are especially used in showcase and console doors, prevent the shelves and doors from hard slams. Shatter-resistant glasses used in the showcase to maximise safety. 
Users who prefer the luxury dining room set usually also buy the Prada classic sofa set and the Prada classic bedroom set, which are from the team's own group. For more information about the luxury dining room set, you can fill out the product information form or send your requests via the Whatsapp communication line.

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