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Asalet Classic Dining Room Set

Because of the characterful stance of the luxury dining room set, the magnificence that will add to your living spaces will be noticed by your guests. Asalet dining room set, which has a design that distinguishes itself and fascinates those who see it, consists of a classic dining table, 8 classic chairs, wooden showcase and console. The golden-yellow hue and lacquer-white color preferred in the design of the wooden dining room set highlights the wood carving workmanship on the set. The set, which uses real gold foil in carved motifs, can be produced exclusively for individuals and areas with the size and color options desired by users. Users who prefer the Asalet classic dining room set also buy the Asalet classic sofa set or Asalet classic corner sofa set in order to adapt to their living spaces.

Asalet Classic Sofa Set
klasik kapitoneli köşe koltuk
Asalet Classic Corner Set
Klasik yemek odası takımı
Astana Classic Sofa Set
Klasik yemek odası modelli
Astana Classic Dining Room Set
Karmen Classic Dining Room Set
Klasik yemek odası takımı
Yasemin Classic Dining Room Set
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