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Monaliza Classic Bedroom Set

With all the features of classic furniture art, the Monaliza classic bedroom set adds an eye-catching glow to the venues with its majestic and stylish design. The bedroom set consisting of two bedside tables, a dressing table, a marquise and a wardrobe, it is produced by hand craftsmanship from 100% natural wood. The engraving motifs on the Model were processed with real gold foil and the bedroom was richy. Especially the carvings in the headrest are a masterpiece with the exact meaning of the word. The wardrobe and drawer interiors of the Monaliza luxury bedroom model can be designed the way the user wants. In all caps and drawers, bolts and hinges with first-class brakes were used against collisions. You can get the Monaliza bedroom as a full set, and you may get the pieces individually. In addition to the toilet table in the bedrooms, the dresser or the bathroom desk in addition to those who want the dresser also.

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