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Classic Bedroom Models

All of the bedroom designs that we have designed for the New Season Classic Bedroom Suite come to the fore with their unique designs and crafts. Asortie Furniture is enriched with classic styles that classic bedroom decors can not withstand furniture lovers and subtle patterns of the art of totally natural wood engraving. Asortie's classic bedrooms that bring elegance and splendor to the rooms give the place a different style with its unusual designs. In this way, comfort and aesthetics meet you in one place. The classic bedroom models, made from durable, first-class materials, are produced in years of difficult durability. Rooms that you can use for many years add to your life. In addition to its eye-catching designs, the Asortie rooms are also specially designed to meet the needs of the space.

Classic Bedroom Sets

The bedroom sets combine with complementary beds, blankets, bedside tables, a dresser, a wardrobe and a dressing table. With each room that makes up the room, you can reveal your own style in your room. Your home is without a doubt the happiest you are. It is very important for Asortie Furniture to spend time in this area with pleasure and comfort! You can also create custom room templates from the rooms you want based on the measurements of your bedroom. With its design and comfort, Asortie is not the standard production in the classic suite, but the concept of private production dominates. You will feel happy, you will reflect your own style, you will create the room of your dreams Asortie always has a head start, always with different models that you will not see anywhere else in your classic suite. Do not miss the comfort of your life with the assortment of classic bedrooms with different breezes.

Custom Bedroom Models

Sets of special size beds are very important in terms of people's rest. Manufactured production methods and tens of thousands of bedroom models are produced assuming that the body structure of each person has the same characteristics. However, the body structure of each person and the comfortable orthopedic features are different. Nowadays, many people feel different pain with the reason that they do not adapt to the physical characteristics of the bed. Asorti realizes models of rooms specially adapted to the needs of the customers, according to the size of the space and in a style that they can comfort. In classic bed sets made from durable, high-quality natural wood stools, in addition to ergonomic and orthopedic designs, high-quality fabrics that do not stain are used. The interior of the bedroom cabinets is designed to be practical, as desired by the customer. Asortie Furniture offers unlimited alternatives to its customers in the rack, drawer and interior of the suite. Thus, you will have a functional and functional classic bedroom suite. In addition, first-class hinges and hinges are used in the bedroom suite.

Avant-garde Bedroom Models

In the avant-garde style bedrooms, the avant-garde bedrooms, preferred by those who want to discover the splendor of classic furniture in the more elegant living spaces, can be realized in the desired colors and in the classical dimensions. . Avant-garde room models are entirely made of natural wood. In avant-garde bedrooms, where colors are generally preferred in light shades such as white and cream, less gold and silver leaf is used than in classic models. A classic bedroom suite that you like in the Asortie bedroom suite can be made in Avant-garde style even simpler than you want.

Deluxe bedroom models

There are dozens of different models in the Asortie Furniture bedroom collection for those who prefer luxurious-looking bedroom designs, as well as practical and functional furniture models in bedrooms. With luxurious bedroom models, you can add value to yourself and your space.

Make-up desk models

The make-up desk, which are the most special corner of women's bedrooms, are more elegant and practical with the Asortie models. Make-up desk designs can be produced in a wide variety of models, both classic and modern. The make-up desk are generally much preferred by women for their classic or modern tables. Modern make-up models can be made in different sizes and colors to match the existing furniture in the bedroom. Shine with the make-up models that will make the makeup of ladies in the most comfortable way with mirror, drawer and special seat.

Classic wardrobe models

Wardrobes are our best  display, where we can keep our clothes on a regular basis, usually in bedrooms and locker rooms. Classic wardrobe designs look much more elegant and glorious than modern tarpaulins. Traditional handcrafted wardrobes will change the look of your room. We can prepare our classic or avant-garde wardrobes in the sizes you want and the colors you want, depending on the size of your room.

Furniture design the most beautiful states, reflecting the gold leaf and aesthetics with silver foil coating, and you for your opinion the difficulty chamber of the border size Masko furniture in the assortment with 1350 sqm located in the city Furniture Exhibition Hall 'to wait. The Asortie luxury bedroom sets and all other products can be examined here comfortably. Treat yourself to a classic room of classic design, ergonomic and extremely comfortable.

You can create your own style with luxurious bedroom designs specially designed and produced by Asortie Mobilier's team of expert designers. Your home and bedroom fully reflect Asortie's expertise in furniture.

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