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Classic and Luxury Chandelier Asortie Models
The most important complementary element of the decoration in the living spaces is undoubtedly the lighting. The lighting used in the room and elegant in addition to reflect the light of space. Designed specifically for lovers of classic furniture, Asortie is designed to suit classic furniture in the space. There are dozens of different models in the classical genres where the desired changes can be made in size and color. In classic chandelier designs, premium materials are used that do not change color over time. Years of challenge in the robustness of the varieties of candlesticks produced were made from first-class crystal stones. The models of crystal chandeliers, as well as the simple models of chandeliers are in the collection, with genres of Ottoman style and genres of Baroque style. The glasses used in the bazaars are very special glasses made by hand. In our collection of chandeliers where many models are found, there are all models of chandeliers needed for living space such as wall lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights.

The importance of chandelier patterns in the decoration of the house
Surely the most important point that should not be overlooked when decorating the house is the chandelier selection. You should pay attention to many points when choosing the chandelier. Otherwise, your chosen home decorations are missing and may even be worse than you think. The most important detail in the selection of chandeliers is the lighting area. You must absolutely choose the models of chandeliers that give the right light for the living space at the most appropriate rates. The most important factor after the light detail is that the chandelier style is combined with ceiling decor, flooring, draperies and furniture styles.

Handmade luxury chandelier patterns
Asortie Mobiler's classic chandelier designs are crafted with "handmade" craftsmanship, they can be made in the colors you want and in the colors you want. Our models of classic chandeliers are not uniform, like ready-made models of chandeliers. In addition to hundreds of different models and designs for the general decoration of the place, you can also produce chandelier designs designed by you. Chandelier designers use real brass and metals.

Living room chandelier models
With Asortie Furniture chandeliers, you can create a magical and lively atmosphere in your rooms. Classic decor and classic furniture patterns dominate the hallways, typically with gilt barbed luxury chandelier patterns or crystal stone chandelier patterns. Hall chandeliers can be produced in the desired size and colors depending on the size and color of the hall.


Bedroom chandelier patterns
In the bedrooms, chandelier patterns are preferred rather than models of glass and stone chandelier. Nowadays, many users use many lamp shades in the rooms. Luxurious chandelier patterns, which give a subdued light, are preferred instead of the hue that gives more light in the bedrooms. The Asortie chandelier collection you can find many models for your room.

Luxury kitchen chandelier models
In larger spaces, kitchens with more light and lighter models are preferred. Indeed, in recent years, models of chandeliers are preferred instead of models of stalactite chandeliers in kitchens. The crystal glass chandelier that causes light to break in the kitchen should not be used. Because the light in the environment where the food is made should be simpler. When choosing luxury chandeliers used in classic kitchen models, definitely see the new collection of candlesticks by Asortie Furniture that can be made in the desired colors and colors.

Lampshade, wall lamp and floor lamp models
The classic lampshade patterns and luxurious lampshade models, which are the most important complementary elements of the home and office decor, give the room an elegant decor and brighten the space. Asortie has a lot of products in shade models. You can certainly find every dining room suite and model lampshade adapted to each room team at Asortie stores. At the same time, you can decorate the walls of living spaces with beautiful murals of different styles. You can create a shimmering décor in your room, whether on the desk or on the floor. Models of street lamps can be made with glass shutters or lampshades. Asortie lampshades, wall sconces and lampshades can be made in different colors and sizes according to the decor of the room.

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