With Asortie VIP, which offers exclusive service only to Asortie customers, it is easy and very enjoyable to reach our unique designs that will add value to you and your living spaces.

Each of Asortie Furniture Designs is a wonderful work art, adorns the places of our customers who lives in 36 different countries. Not only in Turkey,  we export our furniture in a very comfortable way to see and examine every corner. The  only thing you need to do to come to Asortie is to tell us your time and the store you want to come. Just take a few seconds to fill in the appointment form below.

Before you come to our stores, the Asortie's team will reserve your home, hotel or residance option on your behalf. You can just open the door of the place where you will stay and go inside. In addition, all your air ticket operations, urban transportation services for you in the safest and most comfortable way, organized by Asortie Furniture.



It is not a burden for us to welcome you, but a source of happiness. We thought about every detail to make shopping comfortable for you. We meet you at the airport, book a hotel, book a flight ticket, and travel to Asortie stores without having to worry about it.

You can see our excellent designs that you see on our website and get the information you want from our expert sales consultants. While you are sipping your coffee, our interior architects plan your house and place the furniture you like. Before we deliver your furniture to your home, you can check all details that we have made for you.

After you have been hosted in our store, we can transfer you comfortably to the place you want to go in Istanbul. If you wish, we can organize a special Istanbul City Tour and introduce you the city with its unique beauties. When you want to return to Istanbul, we will accompany you to your plane and enjoy a comfortable journey. All of these services are just for you to make a comfortable shopping. You can get the same services in our stores outside Turkey.

To benefit from Asortie VIP services, simply fill in the form below. Our customer representatives will contact you shortly to get information about your travel details.

We wish you happy journeys and good shopping.


VIP Visitor Form

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