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Queen Aden Jozephine

The Queen Aden patterned jozepfin model, which has eye-catching details with its luxurious appearance, gives a rich style to living spaces with its elegant design, magnificent stance. The jozepfin model, which is decorated with gold leaf fine engravings on a white lacquered background, provides a comfortable session to the user with its ergonomic structure, bringing together moments of comfort and luxury. Queen Aden jozepfin designs can be produced with different color and size options within the desire and desire of the user. The Queen Aden chair model, with the same design language, but with different lines, is produced as a Queen classic bench and gives you the opportunity to create unique and different concepts. Queen aden bench, which will impress your guests with its noble design, can be preferred by those who want to experience the peaks of luxury in their office rooms and offices, as well as your new generation houses designed with classical design language. The relaxation seats, which can be preferred by those seeking comfort in order to get rid of the exhausting traces of the day, especially in the office rooms, find themselves more and more places in the living spaces.

A two years warranty is granted for any products you purchase from Asortie. Within the scope of this warranty, any problems faced on the product can be consulted and resolved by our Company. Concerning the products not related to Asortie Furniture like fabric, glass, handle, etc, the warranty conditions of the relevant companies are valid and the products must not be damage in any form in order to stay under the warrnty scope. Problems that may ocur due to user erros or subsequent interventions are not covered by the warranty. Related to this products, although the warranty conditions of the products issued respective to the venue or person are same, such products cannot be returned.
İçerik Eklenicek
İçerik Eklenicek
İçerik Eklenicek
İçerik Eklenicek.
İçerik Eklenicek
İçerik Eklenicek.
İçerik Eklenicek
İçerik Eklenicek.
İçerik Eklenicek
İçerik Eklenicek
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