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Asortie Classic Style Accessories

The accessories that enrich the living spaces are reinterpreted with Asortie motifs. classic mirror models on legs, classic sideboards, Josephine benches models, classic armchairs, cat cushions, coffee table sets, classic chairs, classic sofas, classic armchairs, large mirrors, wall mirrors, headboards give to the space an atmosphere rich in accessories.

 Asortie accessories, specially designed for space and personality, are also gaining value thanks to their homemade production. Asortie accessories, each of which is a work of art, can be produced in the colors and sizes you want according to the furnishing of your home.

Classic mirror models and standing mirrors

The classic models of freestanding mirrors are decorative elements commonly used in entrances and halls, consisting of a console and wall mirrors. Depending on the overall atmosphere of the room, foot mirrors or straight lines can be produced with different sizes and colors. Set  of mirrors designed with drawers or without drawers can also be made with tables in granite or marble as the customer wishes.

Classic bench models

In general, in the final choice of the customer more as a decorative element in front of the classic bench models, offering users comfort and ergonomics are offered with many options. Two armrests, or without armrests a combination of grandeur and comfort. Asortie bench models can be designed to fit your existing furniture or not. First class orthopedic upholstery materials and woven fabrics are used to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the user.

Conversation seating sets

Typically composed of two shepherdesses and a coffee table, conversation chair sets add value to your decor with sculpted patterns that have the glory of classic furniture. The Asortie coffee tables, made with natural craftsmanship made by hand, can be made in the colors desired by the user.

Classic dressers

Among the essentials of the houses are the Asortie dressers is both beautiful and practical with the different models. The classic frames specially produced for the space are an important detail that will add value to your home. Asortie has also introduced models with drawers to make them useful in the new design classic dressers in season. The frames, which are usually designed in the classic style, are made of natural wood with a handmade work.

Coffee Tables and Sofa Sets

Sofas and coffee tables sets can be used with many designs. Typically, a sofa model and coffee tables consisting of a mini-sofa and two small wing chairs, optionally a middle table or side table models. The models of Asortie sofas have been produced with handmade natural craftsmanship. The classic designs of classic furniture, carved patterns and group patterns in the foreground can be made especially with different colors.

Dog houses and cushions for cats

Asortie has designed the perfect living spaces for you with the best furniture models and has not forgotten the small and charming members of our homes. We designed small spaces where we could feel comfortable for loving family members who needed our love and compassion. The dog houses and cat cushions have been designed with natural handmade art. The wooden poufs can be produced in the desired sizes and colors depending on the dimensions of the room. While cat and dog bed models were designed, no chemicals that could harm my boyfriends were used. Fabrics that do not fade on the pillow and bedding of the cat and dog seat pattern have been preferred.

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