The great Architect Sinan, who presented many masterpieces that would hardly fit in a lifetime, was excited to change the future of a city before drawing the first line on the paper in front of him. He dreamed of what kind of world the future generations would breathe, be happy with what they would see while walking, and which buildings they would be proud of entering. That is why his works have stood the test of time.

Today we are in a similar state of excitement. The excitement of a painter taking his first brushstroke, the feeling of a sculptor when he first touches the earth, the enthusiasm of the first drop of ink dripping from the pen of a writer, the excitement of a child taking their first step.

It is intriguing that, that, as the number of models we have designed and produced over the years increases, this excitement also increases. Perhaps Asortie is the result of this inexhaustible excitement that was birthed 54 years ago

Asortie carries out extraordinary designs that will make you feel happy in the name of furniture and decoration.

One of our founders, Gafur Yılmaz, says, "Perfect furniture is furniture that makes you feel happy to be in the same environment with it." For this reason, the most important principle for us at Asortie is to design and produce the space hidden in our clients’ dreams.

Our Designs Do Not Fit In The Mold

We do not divide our furniture into groups such as classic, modern and avant-garde. For us, the best furniture is livable furniture designed for comfort and elegance. It is a style we are not accustomed to putting the furniture you dreamed into certain moulds, to decorate them with the usual motifs and to equip them with the colours that everyone is used to seeing. When designing products, our designers draw from your dreams, not pre-formed moulds, We believe our 47-year history plays a large role in this

For You, With You

The products we design are inspired by you. We take your ideas at every stage in the production of our solid and durable furniture that you will live with for years to come. Because we produce for you. We prepare perfect products that will give you pleasure and happiness in every use only with you.

Special Designs for Those Who Feel Special ...

Every product we produce is like a newborn to us. The special designs for you, obtained as a result of manual labour and long efforts, are like a rare work of art produced only for you. We wanted to be an alternative to the short lifespan, mass-produced furniture distributed to a large part of society. Therefore, we give life to designs that are suitable for your living spaces, and reflect you, and you will be happy to be together. We do not use fabricated carving motifs such as polyester, polyurethane in any of our products.

The Meticulous work we have done not only in living and working areas but also in projects such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, villas, mansions, mansions has been our greatest reference. With hundreds of projects we have completed in elite residences built in big cities, we have even provided a palatial touch to our 1 + 1 apartments.

In our projects both at home and abroad, our biggest gain is the satisfaction and smile on the faces of our customers, whom we deliver the key to.

Not Just Furniture!

Although our main activity is furniture production, we serve our customers in all forms of decoration. You deliver your home to us, and we will send you on a seven-star holiday. You will encounter a palace when you return from your holiday without having to deal with the chaos and fatigue of decoration and construction. With everything from kitchen to bathroom, from wallpaper to curtains, from carpet to home textile products, you will enter a perfect living space the minute you open the

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

Each and every project that carries our signature and every product that has entered your homes is our showcase. To date, we have spent the budget and energy that would be devoted to classic advertising and promotion activities for the satisfaction of our customers. Because we know that the best advertisement is the reference of a satisfied customer.. It has been like us for years. We do not any material value above our customers’ satisfaction. Our greatest capital and greatest energy is the satisfaction and the endless trust of our customers.

Our goal is to offer you the best shipping options, no matter where you live. We deliver to hundreds of customers across the world every day, and we strive to provide you with services of the highest level.

Our mission does not end with designing, producing and delivering the products of our customers' dreams in the best way. Our main mission starts after the sale of the products. After years, we provide unlimited and unconditional support for the products after-sales.

We are happy to welcome you to our 1350 square meter showroom to view the many models that you can not find elsewhere. We are located in the 4B Block of Masko Furniture City, which is open 365 days a year.

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